Conte Reply Sindiran, Manager MU Blame Journalist

Conte Reply Sindiran, Manager MU Blame Journalist

Manchester United (MU) manager Jose Mourinho clarified his sarcasm to Chelsea coach Antonio Conte Mourinho blames journalists for reporting managers who are weeping over the loss of injured players.

Reported by British media, Metro, the man who handled MU since last season was called Conte like crying because Chelsea lost two of its flagship players, Alvaro Morata and N’Golo Kante. Both were injured as Chelsea lost 2-1 to English Premier League side Crystal Palace last week.

Do not like to say often crying, Conte behind attacking Mourinho. “Mourinho spent a lot of time looking at what happened at Chelsea and last season he also spent a lot of time,” said Conte.

“I think he should think about his own team (MU) and stop (talk Chelsea) .He should look at him, not someone else,” said the Italian man.

Feeling his words wrongly captured by Conte, Mourinho finally open the voice. The Portuguese coach did not mean to mention Conte crying for losing his players.

Blame Journalist

“I’m not talking to him, I do not know why he’s attacking me, it’s not his problem or his fault, it’s a journalist’s fault when they deliver the wrong message to him,” Mourinho said.

“There are a lot of managers around the world who are talking about injuries, they prefer to look for reasons for their team’s failure to win rather than complain of injury,” he said.

Mourinho continued, he experienced the same thing with Conte. So far, there are six injured MU players, namely Marouane Fellaini, Eric Bailly, Michael Carrick, Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Marcos Rojo.

“Since last season, our players suffered severe injuries, Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Paul Pogba who everyone knows how important they make United,” said the former Chelsea manager.

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