Pioli: Fiorentina Can not Stay Silent

Pioli: Fiorentina Can not Stay Silent

Stefano Pioli believes next week will be very important where Fiorentina have to make changes and can not stay silent in the transfer market Agen Poker Online.

Fiorentina grabbed a 1-1 draw with Bari on Saturday in the last friendly match during their pre-season training session at Moena, but Pioli was not surprised when offered questions about Viola’s efforts in the transfer window, with Federico Bernardeschi and Nikola Kalinic a chance Leaving and the club showed no intention to harbor new players.

“What do I like? Our spirit and character. We do not deserve to lose, but conceding from the first kick is not good either, “the coach explained to the media.

“Go on, I like the intentions of the team that never give up, despite the difficulty and movement we create space between the lines. I like the involvement of every player.

“We give everything, no players are injured. Our intense training session had a good impact on us, that’s my opinion. Now I hope that the situations can be more clarified in the near future.

“Exchange transfer? Our directors work pretty well. Next week will be very important for the team.

“We want a change, even though this is not what we want, and the rush-butu will not be good for us. We still have time to be able to carve the maximum results.

“It’s clear that we have to vent our best ability. The and need players who see Fiorentina as their top and not just a stepping stone.

“We have a team to defend. We’ve lost some important players, but they’re no longer motivated to play with the team.

“We have to make changes, we can not stand still. In the next 15 days? I hope so, but the dynamics that happen do not depend on us alone.

“We are working on several contracts, and the club is also working hard to fill the shortcomings.

“If the players who will come to know the Italian League, it will certainly be an advantage. Our target is to be ready for everything on 20 August. “

Kante: Chelsea are ready to win every title

Kante: Chelsea are ready to win every title

Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante insists that his team is ready to win every title there.

Last season, Kante managed to bring the team into champions in the Premier League event. Even so, the French midfielder was not satisfied, and want the Blues can achieve better performance again.

“Football always works that way, after you finish one game, you should be able to perform better in the next game. The same will also apply next season, “the 25-year-old told reporters.

“Together, we all want to have a good season, but in a club like Chelsea, you know that the good season is marked by the title. So will try to win some titles. Win, win, win, we will try to win everything. ”

“We will fight against good teams. So it will be difficult for us to do, but we will try to win all the competitions we follow. “

Not Difficult For My Luke Unite with the ‘Red Devils’ Skuat

Not Difficult For My Luke Unite with the ‘Red Devils’ Skuat

Utah – Romelu Lukaku admits he can be familiar with some members of the squad Manchester United. It did not take long to mix with the liquid.

Lukaku became one of the new faces in the squad for next season. He was bought from Everton this summer, at a cost of £ 75 million which can still be increased through bonuses.

Joining Manchester United, having previously spent time in teams like West Bromwich Albion and Everton, undoubtedly puts different pressure on him. There is a greater burden to give results, especially with MU determined to return to the Premier League top competition.

Lukaku is at least helped by the process of being one with an easier team, as some of the squad have known since before joining. He mentioned some of his colleagues at MU are his neighbors, which is commonly known is Paul Pogba.

“I do not need much time to blend in. I know most players already than ever, because many of them are my neighbors,” Pogba told MUTV.

“I just want to be one of the characters on the team who helped the team win, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity.Now I’m here and it’s time to work hard and hopefully, give results,” he added